Neil Lykken resides with his wife in the small foothill town of El Dorado, California. His workshop is next to his house and he spends time every day perfecting his skills in a desire to create the most beautiful, functional, rocking chair available.

Wood has long been a passion of Neil's. Living in the Sierra Nevada Mountains gave him ample opportunity for hiking in the forest, studying the different types of trees. In 1979, Neil became a carpenter, building custom homes and cabinetry. His knowledge grew as he learned about the characteristics of different types of wood.

He started studying furniture design and began experimenting. He bought books on building custom furniture and subscribed to trade magazines. While doing research, Neil came upon the Sam Maloof style of craftsmanship in chair making. Impressed and inspired by the detail of this design, Neil continued his research and found another version of the Sam Maloof chair, by Hal Taylor. This in turn, inspired Neil's ideas.

Using this impressively creative and functional design as a base to work from, Neil began making adjustments to the free-floating back system. Neil's chairs evolved into the ergonomically, back supportive and functionally creative chair he now designs. The free-fl oating back will conform to every size adult back, providing maximum support and incredible comfort to the user.

Neil handcrafts each chair out of wood that he personally selects. A part of him goes into each chair he builds as he strives for accuracy and excellence and combines that with the natural beauty of wood. Particular attention is paid to grain direction, joinery and structural integrity, color and beauty, and above all, comfort. Neil's chairs are sure to be a family heirloom, passed on from generation to generation.